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ULTRAMAX XL Commercial Pool Cleaner
Product Guide

UltraMax XL
The UltraMax XL is the latest version of the popular Ultramax line of commercial pool cleaners. The XL suffix means that, aside from general appearance and capacity, this is an entirely different cleaner. Improvements appear throughout the machine and the meticulous engineering moves this cleaner to a level of dependability, performance and serviceability well above the previous versions. In simple terms: If you liked the popular UltraMax, you will love the XL.

Extreme Duty Drive System

The Drive Belt system has been upgraded to a 1" wide, kevlar reinforced, toothed belt, similar to an automotive timing belt, providing long lasting durability.

Urethane traction assist wheels also keep the cleaner lifted to avoid bottom obstructions, while the durable Super-Brushes break loose stubborn debris from all pool surfaces.

Corner guards protect both your pool surfaces and the XL cleaner.

The inside of the main cleaner body is Stainless Steel reinforced where it counts. Durable, yet lightweight, stainless steel, tubular brush shafts span the lenght of the cleaner and are fully supported in the center. Even with this reinforcement, the cleaner itself is surprisingly light for its size, coming in at under 50 lbs.


Obstacle Avoidance and Advanced Pool Navigation is Standard

The XL is equipped with advanced infrared obstacle sensors that reverse the cleaner before striking walls. Bulkheads can be a problem for many other cleaners. The XL handles them with ease.
The intelligent Aqua Smart System guides the cleaner around even the most complicated pools. It features a gyroscopic guidance system that keeps the cleaner on track across all pool angles and ensures a complete and thorough cleaning, in record time.

Unmatched Cleaning Power

Powerful, dual turbine pumps lift the heaviest of debris. With an incredible pumping volume of nearly 10,000 gallons per hour, sand, earrings, bracelets and even goggles are no match for the vacuuming power of the Ultramax XL. Brushless motor design and active thermal cooling ensure a long, trouble free life. Easy to remove covers allow fast inspection of the turbines during periodic maintenance.
Full Pool Cleaning Control in the Palm of Your Hand
A durable and easy to use remote includes a number of useful features. Manual navigation of tight areas is a breeze and bringing the unit to a convenient location for easy removal could not be any easier. A one button delay feature delays the cleaning cycle to allow debris to settle to the bottom of the pool before the cleaner begins its cleaning cycle.
User Friendly Use and Care
An easy, one time setup makes the deployment of this robotic cleaner perfect for a commercial environment. Running times can be set for three, four or six hours. A heavy duty metal case provides the durability that commercial applications demand.
The dual, two micron capable filter bags remove dirt, algae and bacteria, providing the best filtration on the market. A single lever lock makes removal of the filtration bags for cleaning an easy task and re-securing them just as easy. A bonus of running a robotic cleaner with such fine filtering in your pool is an extension of your filter maintenance levels, saving both labor costs and water.
A 150 foot floating cord is now standard on the Ultramax XL and it can handle pools up to Olympic size. This also makes this commercial cleaner popular with water parks and large resort pools. A commercial grade, corrosion proof cart is included with the XL, making transportation and storage easy and convenient.
Fully Tiled or Painted Pool? No Problem!
Slippery surfaces like tile or paint require additional traction. Optional, industrial grade PVA foam brushes provide traction even on challenging grades. Pools with tiled lane markers only, do not require PVA.
Pool Size: Up to 150'
Coverage: 9750 sq. ft. /hour
Pump Capacity: 9690 Gal /hour
Cable length: 150'
Remote: Yes
Filters: 2
Filter Porisity: 2 Micron
Motors: Hi Efficiency / Brushless
Beach Entry Sensor: Yes
IR Sensor: Yes
Timer: Yes (+ external capability)
Cycle Times: 3.0hr / 4.0hr / 6.0hr
Input Voltage: 120V - 60Hz.
Running Voltage: 24V
Wattage: 360
Ship Weight - With Cart: 116lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 36" x 22" x 21"
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Have a Trade In?
We accept trades-ins of all commercial robotic cleaners. We can also evaluate existing cleaners, that require repair, for use in a back up position, at no cost.
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Probotics is a division of Cyperceptions Inc.
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